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Welcome to Academics Outdoors from Region 10 ESC! We want students learning in the great outdoors. If you are part of a member school or school district and would like to access all the outdoor learning activities, guide books, student journals, and other resources, please click the “My Account” tab above to either set up your account or log in.

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Academics Outdoors Membership Information

Academics Outdoors membership includes yearly access to all Academics Outdoors Teacher Guides, Student Journals (including English and Spanish versions for K-5), and other outdoor learning materials and resources. The academic Teacher Guides contain TEKS-based, grade level or subject specific (High School) activities designed specifically for outdoor learning. The accompanying Student Journals correlate with the activities in the Teacher Guides to allow students space for recording data, thoughts, and ideas, as well as writing, sketching, and curating information.

While some activities in the Teacher Guides are best conducted at one of the Circle Ten Council Boy Scout Camps, the vast majority can be conducted in any outdoor setting. Region 10 can provide printed Teacher Guides and Student Journals for use on your school grounds or other outdoor learning locations. Membership results in a discounted price. Please contact us for further details or to order. 

Academics Outdoors membership also results in a price discount for learning experiences at any of the three partner Circle Ten Council Boy Scout Camps – Camp Wisdom, Camp James Ray, or the Trevor Rees-Jones Scout Camp. Additionally, Learning on Location professional development for teachers and school leaders at the Scout camps is included free of charge to Academics Outdoors members.



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