Guides & Journals

If your school or district is an active member in Region 10’s Academics Outdoors program, as a teacher or administrator, you have access to all of the Academics Outdoors Teacher Guides and Student Journals! The Teacher Guides and Student Journals have been updated to fit the new Science TEKS for the 2024 school year and all are designed to be used in any outdoor setting.

Teachers may request a PDF of the Teacher Guide and Student Journals (available in English and Spanish for grades K-5) for the grade level(s) you teach. District administrators may request access to a folder of editable materials specifically for your district or charter to edit and use for your own Outdoor Learning Center or as part of the classroom curriculum.

Additionally, if you are a member and have specific questions about your own outdoor learning spaces, need help finding other activities or materials, need assistance with ideas or marking trails or any other help, please let us know!  

Whether you bring your students to camp or not, we hope you are taking them outside to learn as often as possible, and our Academics Outdoors program is here to support you in that endeavor. We hope these materials will be helpful to you throughout the year.   

If you have any questions, please email the Program Coordinator for Academics Outdoors,, and she will be happy to assist you!